Doggy Day Camp

With the World Series starting tomorrow night between the Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays, tonight will be the last baseball-free night in my house for the rest of this week, and probably all of next week. Even the scheduled off-nights in the World Series (Friday and next Tuesday) will probably be spent stressing over baseball.

So that means I really should get a few things accomplished tonight at home, since I’ll be parked on the couch for a while — unless someone has $400 lying around and is feeling generous enough to buy me a World Series ticket.

Of all the things I have to do, walking the dog after a long day home alone won’t be one of them. You see, that’s where Doggy Day Camp comes in.

Before you laugh at the thought of Doggy Day Camp (it is kind of funny), realize that for $21, I get to drop Abby off at a big pet store on my way to work, where she plays all day with a bunch of other dogs before I pick her up on my way home. They take great care of her, feed her, keep an eye on her, and, most importantly, tire her out. For the next 48-72 hours, she will be too tired to do anything but occasionally go outside, maybe eat some food, or give me that pouty face until I slide over to make room for her to sleep on the couch.

That means that while Andrea and I are at work Wednesday and Thursday, Abby will spend the day sleeping, instead of chewing on furniture, opening the lid of the trash can (still not sure how she does that), or destroying my Wii controllers. Last year, long before doggy day camp, I came home one night to find the arm of the couch chewed open, and the entire couch moved to the other side of the room. Now, I come home to find her yawning as she gets up from a spot on the couch she has clearly occupied all day.


What does this have to do with my work at DDA? Well, when my sister-in-law first told me about Doggy Day Camp, my first thought (after laughing at the name) was, “What a great idea!” Well, I had the same reaction during initial kickoff meetings with two relatively new clients that we’re working with here at DDA.

One client — for whom we just completed a logo design and created a PowerPoint presentation — has a very “green” future in an untapped market that should be very successful. We couldn’t believe no one was doing what they’re doing, we’re happy to be a part of their launch, and will hopefully play a big role in their future. The other client is in the sports business, and is providing a service that should help athletes and students all over the country find a better future. We are developing an in-depth back-end website system for them that will keep our programmers busy in the weeks leading up to the deadline. In both cases, as with all our clients, the entire DDA team is proud to play such an important role.

Our graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, video specialists, and animators work hard every day, not matter what the project is. Whether it’s a new website design, a snazzy print project, a training video, new custom applications, or a trade show display, we always try to one-up ourselves and do something even better than we did before.

I would tell Abby all about it on the way home tonight, but I have a feeling she’ll be asleep before I even get on the Turnpike.