Don’t Pick Locks — Pick DDA

At a place like DDA, we deal with new and different projects every day. I’ve been involved with everything from medical and corporate website design to printed calendars, healthcare IT applications, and integrated CMEs (continuing medical education). But today I took part in a new challenge:

Breaking and Entering.

No, we weren’t successful. And no, it wasn’t illegal. Elizabeth accidently locked her office door with the keys still sitting on the desk. So David, Tyler, and I tried all the tricks that the criminals make look so easy in the movies. We tried a coat hanger, took off the hinges, poked around with a paper clip, and even went with the old credit card trick. David even went out the window to see if we could get in the office that way. Unfortunately for us (and fortunately for the lock manufacturer, I guess), it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. So a locksmith had to come, and he picked the lock in less than 15 minutes.

Oh well, we learn something new every day here at DDA, and we know we’re not perfect (although if you need an eLearning webcast about picking locks, we might be able to do that now). Mistakes happen to everyone, and that’s why we take extra special care to proofread all printed content multiple times, and also proof and test every website, custom application, and video that we create.

For most projects, we make sure to recruit someone who has not been involved in the project at all for proofing and testing. As project coordinators, programmers, animators, and graphic designers, we often get so familiar with a project that our eyes gloss over it and potentially miss errors and mistakes. A fresh set of eyes allows us to look at a website or printed project just as the potential audience would, meaning we almost always find a glitch or two, and sometimes even get a fresh idea to improve what is already a great project.

This happened just last week, when Elise asked me to proof a new website just before launch. I loved the site. But I noticed that the nifty Flash animation, which launched automatically, disappeared when a user clicked “Skip Intro,” thus leaving a somewhat awkward empty space in the middle of the page. Our animators whipped together a solution, and the site has since launched and looks great.

You see, here at DDA, we may not be expert criminals who can hotwire a car or pick a lock like MacGyver, but we are experts at just about everything else. So whether you need a new healthcare IT application, a new corporate or medical website, advanced video production, an integrated CME, or anything else we offer here at DDA, then just give us a call or visit our website at

You could even stop by the office if you’d like. Just don’t forget to take your keys with you.