Has Your Business Gone Mobile?

mobile app

photo credit: State Farm via photo pin cc

Increasingly businesses are coming to realize the importance of utilizing the incredible potential that mobile apps have to speed the flow of critical information in real time. Mobile apps for business can be designed to perform a number of incredibly important functions, from facilitating mobile commerce to increase sales by way of credit and debit payments in the field, to hosting and transmitting critical business information on the go. It’s no wonder that a recent survey of businesses found 48% of respondents plan to increase spending on multiplatform applications (a.k.a. hybrid applications designed for computers, tablets, and smartphones) in the next 12 months (“Mobile App Development Key for Driving Business: Survey”).



Some of the more popular mobile applications used by businesses include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps
  • barcode and Quick Response code shopping apps
  • delivery tracking apps
  • cloud storage and database apps
  • remote computer access apps
  • mobile commerce apps

Unleash the Potential

Mobile and hybrid business applications can help businesses of all sizes gather and transmit information from or to any location imaginable. Location no longer need threaten your business’ ability to see what’s ahead. Hybrid business applications can allow salespeople on the field to send and receive critical business information at a moment’s notice from their smartphone or tablet, as well as aid them in their sales by eschewing traditional print marketing materials in favor of interactive, multimedia experiences.  The potential that mobile and hybrid business applications can unleash is nearly limitless. It’s no wonder a recent survey has found that nearly three-quarters of IT departments have found tablets and smartphones to increase productivity, with a full quarter saying that they have done so to a significant degree ( “Tablet, Smartphone Use Increasing Worker Productivity: CDW” ).

DDA has been in the mobile app design and development business since there were mobile devices to utilize them. Let DDA help you by developing a custom-programmed hybrid or mobile application designed to increase workflow and productivity from day one; contact DDA today.