Driven to Succeed

At DDA, I learn something new every day from one of my talented co-workers. We exchange ideas all the time, and even steal a few ideas here and there. So today, I am happy to steal a blog idea from Debbie, who wrote about her son’s new manual transmission car.

My family owns and manages a small car dealership in the area, and when I was approaching my 16th birthday, my friends all assumed that I would drive up in a brand new Corvette the day I got my license. So imagine their surprise when I proudly parked my 1993 Saturn with 100,000 miles in the school parking lot for the first time. It was a solid car, but after just a year or two, it was nearly dead. My dad found another Saturn (purely coincidental) just in time, a used model that he would never be able to sell because it was a manual transmission.

So I was tossed into this car and given a few basic lessons on how to drive a stick shift. It was something that my dad always wanted me to learn (“It’ll impress girls,” I think he said), and it was a lot of fun. After a while, I was a pro and loved driving my zippy little 5-speed around — especially in the summer with the windows open and the radio on full blast.

But now, roughly eight years later, I’m still driving the same car (with a second transmission — Andrea burnt out the first one). It’s still fun to drive sometimes, but I don’t necessarily love it on an ice cold morning at 7 a.m. during my drive to work. I’m usually still half asleep, and really just want a car that will drive itself. But it has given me a stronger left calf muscle, so that’s a plus.

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