DDA, Folk Tale Style

Like any copy writing position, mine has included research. You have to understand what you are writing about in order to make the search engine optimized website content (and any content, really–for catalogs, sell sheets, video scripts, anything) relevant to both readers and search engines. So I have been researching different advertising agencies’ services, to contribute to something DDA is developing in addition to our already extensive list of integrated advertising services.

When DDA came up as one of the first results on Google, I had to laugh. It has always been a selling point of ours, that as a small and affordable full service advertising agency, we have better search engine prominence as larger companies. It reminded me of a story my Mom used to read us when my sisters and I were kids, about an old guy in the Ukraine named Isaac, who dreams about digging up treasure under a stove, and so sets out for the city to find it.

Long story short (which removes a lot of the charm and repetition that makes it a folk tale, or children’s story, whatever we’ll call it), the place he dreamed of was his own stove in his own little house back in the country, and the treasure was at home all along. I know the moral is about the reservoir of strength and potential within every person, and the necessity of looking within before you can understand the beauty of everything outside of yourself, but what I took away from it as a kid was that when you lose things, they are usually under your bed or somewhere equally obvious.

And today I took a similarly literal read of the tale, thinking about finding oneself (or one’s place of employment) when looking for others. It’s like an inversion of Isaac’s journey, and I guess the lesson here is that DDA is really, really good at improving search engine prominence, for itself and for clients.