Degreed Professionals

“You know what college does for you? It makes you really smart, man.” –Kanye West

It pleases me to be referred to as a degreed professional, as it makes me feel less like the recent college graduate I am, and more like the savvy young professional I am no doubt becoming. It is a term I remember from when, as a prospective employee, I was reading DDA’s impressive and somewhat intimidating website and imagining what my potential coworkers and bosses would be like.

What would a website designer, copywriter, animator, programmer or search engine marketing specialist act like and look like? What would the office environment be like? I drew more on my repeated viewings of workplace movies (“Working Girl,” “Nine to Five,” and to a lesser extent, “Big“) than on my actual workplace experiences.

It turns out everyone was younger and less intimidating than I had pictured, and while my bosses haven’t taken me to FAO Schwartz (yet), they are still great people to work for, and they have taught me so much in the time I have been here.

Working at DDA has required me to learn new skills, but they have largely been a marriage of the skills picked up at previous office jobs and the research I did in college. If I have to write about a product, service or industry I am unfamiliar with, or even one that I am familiar with, I have to find out as much as I can about the subject in the shortest amount of time, just like I did in college. I learned so much there, and I know I owe my position here to the brainy, debauched gold-digger called college. She gave me so much, but I’m still paying for it.