Goodbye, Blue Monday

“Goodbye, Blue Monday” was the alternate title for Kurt Vonnegut’s sour, clever and bleak novel “Breakfast of Champions.” Either book title would be relevant for today, since Monday is the day of the week on which DDA gives its employees breakfast. And not some motel-quality continental breakfast, but genuinely mood-altering bagels which make it possible for DDA to continue its tradition of excellence, even on rainy Mondays.

Things didn’t bode well for today. Rob and I (well, I pluralize it to share the blame–one could say that as only Rob drives, the wrong turn was all on him) took a wrong turn, and ended up getting stuck behind garbage trucks, buses and unimpressed pedestrians down the circuitous one-way streets and crowded boulevards of North Philadelphia. This was followed by a traffic jam on 95, which was the road we were supposed to be on all along. Also, it had gotten cold and rainy since the glorious weekend, and I, like the rest of the professional world, had to reconcile myself to the upcoming week of uncomfortable shoes, prompt responses, scheduled meals, and wearing pants. What could convince me that this day held any merit?

For one thing, it was Mariah Monday on 98.9 FM. If a client were to ask me what keywords they should include in their search engine optimized content, I would recommend they sneak in some search terms like “fantasy”, “emotions”, “one sweet day”, and just to keep things current, “touch my body (remix)”. But I am not a search engine optimization specialist, like several of my co-workers are. They would probably suggest keywords that were more relevant to the client’s products and/ or services. I suppose this is why I’m just a writer.

And the other thing that saved the day was bagels. I actually haven’t had mine yet, as I’ve been sidetracked by my duties in project coordination and copywriting. There’s a lot riding on this bagel–my day’s happiness. However, I’m not worried, because I am as assured of my Monday bagel’s deliciousness as you should be of DDA’s excellence in advertising.