Project Coordination and New Business Development

A large part of being a writer at Dynamic Digital Advertising is new business development and project coordination, both of which are time consuming, but rewarding. If a company hears about DDA’s services, such as video editing, website development, logo design, print ad campaigns, search engine optimized content (the inexpensive and highly effective alternative to pay per click and paid online ads that DDA has mastered), they will send an inquiry via phone, email or fax, and from there one of our organizational masterminds will assign it to one of the writers.

The writer will then look up up from his or her mountain of content to be written (which we plow through with admirable speed and skill), and it is often a welcome change of pace to look stop writing copy and get on the phone with present and potential clients.

Once we have determined what services the client wants, and projected a schedule and price estimate, it is then the DDA writer/ project coordinator’s privilege to harangue the poor animator/ designer/ programmer assigned to the project. Currently, I harass over three coworkers via phone, email, and sometimes in person (just to shake things up). Any work done by DDA is going to be top quality; it’s the top speed part that the project coordinator has a role in.