Seeing Results

Wherever I go, I see things that Dynamic Digital Advertising has worked on. Last weekend, I was in New Jersey visiting a friend, and she had this really nice glass and wood door with a handle that locked in a way I’d never used before. I was commenting on the unique design, and then I noticed that it was made by a company we advertise for–particularly, a company I had been writing search engine optimized content for just that week. “Man, I was right when I extolled the virtues of their air-tight windows,” I thought. “These doors and windows are high quality.” He apartment was nothing to write home about, but honestly, her door was. It made her basement apartment look like something bigger and nicer than a basement apartment.

Just yesterday, I was out walking with my sisters, and we passed a house that was having major renovations. The house was covered in a white plastic wrap that you see on homes under construction or renovation, and I pointed out to my sisters that DDA does advertising work for that particularly popular brand of weather barriers.

I haven’t been hanging out in healthcare facilities or drug stores lately, but the next time I go, I am sure I’ll see some medical devices or pharmaceutical products that DDA has done website design, logo design, branding and marketing, or another service (or combination of services) for.