The Drive to Succeed

DDA has the drive to succeed, which is why they have not only survived but thrived in their fourteen years as an innovative, full-service advertising agency. Another reason for DDA’s success is that they hire the best candidates for any given position–not necessarily the most local candidates. The parking lot is always filled with employee cars (with a few spaces left for clients, of course).

You won’t find my car in the company parking lot, because it’s a black IROC-Z with tinted windows that exists only in my mind. My actual car is Rob’s. Rob is an animator here, who lives down the street from me; we carpool together every morning and evening. Before I started getting rides with Rob, my car was a SEPTA bus that took me on a scenic tour of the Great Northeast before we went through the various suburbs of Bucks County. The ride gave me lots of time to think of new and different ways to write search engine optimized content, and to compare the advertising I saw on billboards and fellow buses with the print advertising we do at DDA. Needless to say, I usually saw design flaws that DDA could have fixed in a second, or slogans that could have been less awkward. I also saw some that were pretty good, of course, but I never saw anything better than what we’ve done in the past and continue to do.

Why do I ride with a co-worker/ the good people of Philadelphia? Because I can’t drive. I have metaphorical “drive”: I got through high school and college like a champ, and have been working most of that time. Like the rest of DDA, I work hard at a job I do well, and take pride in the finished product. Unlike the rest of DDA, I have to use bizarre forms of ID to get into bars, and rely on public transportation to get places that are over a mile away. I’m learning to drive this year, though; my cousin’s going to teach me. I hope you’ll be there (client, potential client, or casual reader) the day I debut my sweet, sweet ride. You could probably take a test drive if I’m feeling nice (which I usually am). It’s just another reason to take your business to DDA.