The Greatest Things About Thursday

At Dynamic Digital Advertising, as at my previous jobs, I have a non-Friday which I refer to as “my Friday.” This always struck me as one of the sadder parts of working in the service sector, that we were on separate, individual calendars.

But there is nothing sad about double Fridays at DDA. I get one Friday on Thursday, and then another the next day. It’s like Groundhog Day, if it were about a Friday that keeps happening. The greatest thing about real Friday for me is that it’s a warm-up for Saturday. I’m already fully relaxed by Saturday, and able to accept the advent of Monday by Sunday afternoon.

The trade-off is that we work ten hour days, and never take big executive lunches. Also, we get bagels on Monday. I feel like our bosses may be motivational geniuses, because it is like a preemptive strike on a case of the Mondays.

There’s lots of other great things about Thursday at DDA. Let’s go through a list of things I’m looking forward to on this particular Thursday:

  • a meeting with a client regarding a trade show display to be used at three major trade shows, and designed to appeal to all of the client’s intended audiences (investors, franchise owners, colleagues, and more)
  • visiting a friend from college, who thinks my job writing search engine optimized content is awesome and wants to hear all about it (maybe I’ll just give her a link to my tell-all blog)
  • continuing an internal project on corporate and medical training materials; conducting research on workplace etiquette by watching 30 Rock (on tonight!)
  • taking a meeting with the head of programming to learn all about our programming capabilities—which are extensive, so I don’t know how she’s going to condense and simplify it for a big Luddite like me.
  • the coming of Fake Friday (it’s here!) and real Friday (it’s going to be so good).

That’s it for today. Enjoy your Thursday as much as I am going to enjoy mine (a lot).