Because DDA is a full service advertising agency, it follows that our services interact. If a client wants DDA to work on every aspect of their corporate, medical, trade show, instructional, etc. video, that means the writers stay involved in the video making process, especially for storyboarding and scriptwriting.

Scriptwriting involves a lot more editing than regular content writing does, because people read much faster than they can talk. We have to time ourselves, and make sure the content of the script is informative, entertaining, and as brief as possible (to attract and keep the audience’s attention).

My dream is that a client would ask us to write and produce a virtual reality instructional video modeled on R. Kelly’s serial hip-hopera “Trapped in the Closet.” It would pose a challenge, because we would have to  approximate how long it would take the actors to sing their lines, and intuit the changes in tempo. Additionally, writing the script for videos released in small pieces, a la Dickens’ novels and Kelly’s musical opus, would allow the writers to really put our creative talents for plot twists to work.

I enjoy writing search engine optimized content for websites and video scripts for product launch videos and webcasts. But I wouldn’t complain if any clients out there wanted to take the next step in digital advertising and incorporate storytelling through song. DDA is more than ready for that kind of challenge.