What’s New in Copywriting



Not one sentence into my first post, I’m finding that writing a blog is more challenging than writing search engine optimized web content. Maybe this is because my expectations of what a blog should be are warped and outdated. My first introduction to blogs was in high school, when Diaryland started a self-disclosure craze among the bookish types, whose recounted weekends involved more moping than partying. Now that writing a blog had become part of my job as an advertising copywriter, I’m racking my brain for templates to use as a model for my blog, but all I’m coming up with is memories of band geeks’ slander and people using code names for their crushes. That will have to do, I guess.

Working for an advertising agency that has extensive experience as a search engine marketing service has taught me a lot. Working with established clients and developing new business has meant moving away from the norms of college online writing (heavy reliance on the odious slang known as abbreve) and into DDA’s world, where search engine optimization specialists and experienced copywriters have shown me the importance of economic, keyword-rich language when writing sell-sheets, web content, scripts and more for clients.

I initially though this position would be like the copy editor job Elaine Benes (from Seinfeld) had when she worked for J. Peterman, but it’s much better. Perhaps because I don’t write copy about urban sombreros, and instead have the opportunity to help establish products and services as diverse as jewelry, health care services, windows, and more.

That’s it for today. Back to SEO copywriting (search engine optimized copywriting) and my other duties at DDA.