A Bad Hair Day

When I was younger, my room was a direct reflection of my mental state. When life was going well and I held a high opinion of myself, my bedroom was orderly. When the pressures of adolescence or the stresses of everyday life took a toll on my emotional state, my room echoed my internal turmoil. I guess it was a subconscious way of expressing my inner self. Today, I try to keep things presentable regardless of how I am feeling but one can always assess my stress level by looking at my hair. It seems the more keyed up I get, the more items I shove in my do, from french twists secured by pencils and or pens to disheveled pony tails and buns. Today happens to be one of those days and presently I have both a pencil and pen embedded in my locks. Analyze that Freud!

It’s not that there was a disaster today, but as is often the case for our full-service advertising agency’s project coordinators, one can feel like they are being pulled in 12 different directions. If you are not careful, productivity can be lost to a mental overload. For this reason, time management is essential when fostering a work environment of productivity and efficiency.

The professional graphic designers, video technicians, programmers, and SEO specialists divide their time equally amongst clients to ensure nothing drops through the cracks and each project is handled with the same care and attention. Our client’s satisfaction matters most and we make it a priority to manage our time to the best of our abilities to ensure deadline compliance, affordable budgets, and the maximization of our staff’s resources.