A Busy 2009

Today we are exactly eight days away from Christmas and 14 days away from the new year. Now, factor in the days off for the holiday break and that leaves us with  six and a half working days before we welcome in 2010. As many clients are looking to start off the new year with a clean slate, it is safe to say that our staff of creative copywriters, video experts, programming aficionados, graphic designers, and 2D/3D animators will be kept busy. In fact, I am hoping to witness the launch of three  projects before I leave the office at 1pm on December the 31st. From complex medical eLearning programs to website development and corporate videos, the rooms of our full-service advertising agency will be  filled with the happy  hum of productivity.

What will I be working on? Pages of search engine optimized content for medical website currently under development as well as glossary terms for our own ever-expanding website. And if I receive feedback from some clients, I may find myself editing the content of a brochure  before the year’s end. In addition to my creative copywriting responsibilities, I will be coordinating several projects to ensure deadlines are met and expectations exceeded.