A Common Bond

Today I tried a new pizza shop for lunch and while I was waiting for my piece of pizza to warm, I engaged in conversation with the owner. We got into a discussion concerning the World Cup and soccer. To make a long story short, I was given a free slice. I guess he enjoyed our conversation and our common bond.  At our full-service advertising agency, we like you are a business and we understand the stresses of today’s economic climate. Like myself and the  pizza shop owner, we share a common bond. No, not of soccer but of the continual pursuit of improvement, all while trying to make it work within a stated budget. For this reason, the DDA staff of professional graphic designers, custom programmers, creative copywriters, and video experts strive for efficiency in everything we do. With us, cost is never set in stone. We are innovators of custom applications. We listen to your needs and recognize budget limitations to form a plan and proposal that is just right in terms of budget constraints and in terms of wow factor.