A Few Good Words

It’s funny how certain objects hold such sentimental value. Like Lionel’s tattered blue blanket, seemingly worthless trinkets  hold enormous emotional weight. Looking back, there were a few tangible objects that I clung to, one being a cream and brown pound-puppy. Every night I’d hug him tightly and feel secure. That is until my brother’s six-foot snake escaped his enclosure and coiled itself around my pound-puppies innards. Unfortunately, this marked the end  for my favorite stuffed companion.

Today, I find myself becoming attached to words. In fact I have a diary not full of daily excerpts, but of favorite quotes I’ve gathered over the years. I collect them not only because their meaning struck a cord with me, but because they are elegantly composed. As a professional advertising copywriter, I find this resource irreplaceable. I turn to it when I need inspiration. I turn to it when I’ve toiled over the same sentence, but can not seem to find the right combination of words to evoke a powerful meaning.

As with every copywriting service we provide here at DDA, the team of print and online copywriters take great care to formulate pieces that not only flow well, but convey the key messages of your company’s products and/or services. Every sentence is well thought-out and constructed. When proofing material before it goes to print or is posted on a custom website, I often am taken aback by the work we produce. We’ve got a talented team here at our full-service advertising agency. Maybe we should create a quote book of our own.