A Few Good Words

If asked to pick only three words that represent you, it would be difficult, right? Now, make those three words catchy and appropriate to audiences—even harder. This is the challenge when developing slogans for companies, services, and products. You must encapsulate the essence of a business or organization with carefully chosen words that are not only memorable, but appeal to the target market.

Today, slogan creation is at the top of my priority list. Now, I wouldn’t classify slogan development as a forte of mine. Surprisingly, coming up with a few words can be a time consuming task. You must try numerous combinations and variations until you find the one that fits. For me, writing copy for a brochure, custom corporate or medical video script, or search engine optimized pages of content can, and often does, come easier. But the challenge of finding the perfect string of words is a nice change of pace and forces me to exercise and improve my slogan development skills.