A Fresh Look

It is not uncommon for me to rip apart a room and completely rearrange its contents. I get this trait from my Mom. Many times I’d walk through the front door and find the couch in a new location, a chair that was once downstairs now upstairs and knick-knacks and paintings  freshly re-organized. Though I never analyzed my mother’s and my desire to continuously rearrange until today, I’ve discovered it has to do with keeping ourselves visually stimulated. Who wants to walk into a room everyday to find it looking exactly the same as years past? I know I certainly don’t, so that is why on Sunday I could be found pushing my funiture around the room until it felt new and exciting again.

While looking through DDA’s roster of projects, it seems many share my enthuasiam for updates. Currently we are performing several website redesigns. Our talented team of graphic designers are forumalting new looks, our admin and database programmers are adding new and improved site functionalites, and the copywriters are updating  search engine optimized pages of content. Like my newly rearranged bedroom, clients of DDA receive a reinvigorated website that flaunts the design aesthetics and functionality that is fitting for today’s viewers and users.