A Lonely Week

Nearing the close of every Thursday, I page through our internal calendar to familiarize myself with the week’s upcoming events. Next week looks to be a lonely one as Laurence, our Director of Motion Arts, is out recovering from surgery. Laura, our lead technical and creative copywriter, will be soaking up the sun while enjoying her beach vacation and Jake, our talented video artist, will be trekking off on some summer excursion. What does this mean for the staff at DDA? Well for one thing, a roomier office, lonelier lunch breaks, and more importantly, the collaboration of our team. As all members of our staff are of great value, their absence is felt. Work on a project cannot stop due to a vacation or personal break. That said, fellow staff members must take on heftier workloads to keep projects moving but with so many talented video technicians, programmers,  and graphic designers ready and willing to help, tasks will carry on as normal.

So what will I be doing next week besides stifling feelings of vacation jealously? I’ll be building the foundation of an upcoming video project. On my agenda I plan to finalize an outline detailing the topic points of seven scripts, and hopefully with client approval, start the script drafts. In between this I’ll continue with DDA Interactive content development as well as Chains-and-Charms wordsmithing. By keeping myself busy, hopefully I wont notice the absence of my fellow coworkers too much (I’ll miss our Saladworks lunch breaks Laura!).

So to all vacationing DDAers I say, have fun but hurry back soon.