A Performance Guarantee

It’s official; my fiance has been banned from cheering past 10 pm in the Massinger family household. As a dedicated all-things Philadelphia sports fan, his cheers and jeers are loud and full of energy. While I find his fanaticism endearing, my little brother doesn’t and has resorted to wearing his iPod to bed to block out the consequences of our team’s World Series performance. Well lucky for him, there are only two games left and two more nights of what I hope will be celebratory cheers.

What this also means is two more nights of baseball-geared advertising. Throughout the World Series, I am sure we’ve all seen the  advertisements for Majestic fan wear with the flip-flop clad dad approaching the pitching mound to give Hamels advice. And, I am certain we’ve all seen the flash-back commercial that features the game’s biggest talents with the overarching message to strive for your dreams because they may be within reach. As a corporate and medical copywriter, I enjoy watching the commercials. Before my job here at our full-service advertising agency, I definitely did not pay as close attention to the details. Now, when I watch a television ad, I listen closely to the script, critique the music choice and video. I guess after you work with such talented people like I do, you tend to expect only the best.

Take a look at our own commercial written, illustrated, narrated, and designed under one roof–our roof. The animation is seamless, the narration expertly delivered, and the script, enjoyable and to-the-point–all of which are essential ingredients for success. Choose DDA and have the guarantee that you’ll receive the same high-caliber results for your project, whether that be a medical eLearning program, corporate spokesperson video, interactive website, or custom eCommerce destination.

In today’s tough economic climate, every advertising investment should yield a grand slam and DDA is the interactive marketing and advertising agency that is boasting an untarnished bating average. Contact us today.