A Second Look

Tonight my fiance and father will be meeting me at work to visit a possible wedding location for a second time. We love the setting and feel of the venue, now we just have to settle on a caterer should we choose to commit to this location. Unlike many reception sites that force you to use a particular caterer, this location offers a choice of seven, a feature I especially like as my budget is smaller than most. If all goes well tonight, it is possible that our long engagement will finally result in a wedding this time next year!

As I said in a blog entry last week, this whole research and interview process reminds me of the new business development motions we go through here at our full service medical marketing and  advertising agency. As is often the case, I found these possible locations through the Internet. How the site was put together, its design, and content greatly influenced whether or not I picked up the phone to schedule an appointment. Once on site, we expected an excited, warm, and informative individual that was able to answer our every question and for the most part, this is exactly the service we received but when it wasn’t, our opinion of the facility was justifiably diminish. Overall, it is a delicate process, especially when a venue may be one of many possibilities. To put it simply, you need to outshine the competition.

At DDA Medical, this is exactly what we strive to do. No, our prices may not be the cheapest, but they are certainly fair, especially when considering the caliber of work our staff of degreed professionals routinely deliver. What’s more, client satisfaction matters to us. Our goal is not to simply finish a project and collect a pay check, but rather to foster strong, long-term relationships. What’s more, at the core of DDA Medical’s business model rests an unquenchable desire to improve and expand our capabilities. From eLearning website development to search engine optimization services and custom program development, our list of digital advertising services is ever growing to ensure our clients will never have to look elsewhere for quality work.