A Set Process

If you take a look at my hands, you’ll find them covered with band-aids. As work on my house has moved into the more technical realm of plumbing and electrical, I’ve focused my energy on gardening. My lawn was out of control so much so that my mower stalled often, choking on the long clumps of grass. As a result, my grip on the mower handle was too intense and I exited the task with three painful blisters. Needless to say I will now be conscience of my grip when mowing the lawn.

Everyday we all come across instances such as these when we delve head first into tasks and sometimes emerge with a few nicks and bruises. For me it happened to be the proper way to hold the handle of a mower, for my little brother, it was not to ride your bike down a set of concert steps (I’ll save that story for another blog). If you’ve ever worked with DDA, you are familiar with our process. The path we follow is linear. Whether your project is big or small, technical or promotional, we follow a proven process of proofs, revisions, and approvals to guarantee an end result that exceeds expectations. At DDA, there is no worry of finalizing a corporate or medical website, training program, or video with nicks and bruises as we’ve refined our process for maximum results.

Hopefully with a few more forays inlawn mowing, I too will lock down a solid process and hopefully avoid a heavily band-aided hand.