A Small Oversight

After many months of deconstruction, my fiance and I are finally forging ahead with the task of rebuilding our house, starting with the upstairs bathrooms. We spent hours moving around cardboard cut-outs that represented the size and shape of our fixtures to find the perfect arrangement that was logical but roomy enough for a pleasant and enjoyable space. Everything seemed right on track until we began to create the holes to run the plumbing. While we carefully considered the placement of the toilet in terms of the room’s many windows and layout, we failed to consider what lied beneath and that happened to be a major support beam. So it’s back to the cardboard boxes!

At our full-service advertising agency, we take great precautions to prevent events like this from derailing progress. When developing a website, eLearning tool, or interactive video, it is important to consider the whole instead of what lies directly in front of you. If you do, you’re sure to run into a snag, but with careful planning, development should move smoothly ahead. In fact, we have specialists whose job is to analyze the big picture and set in place a solid plan for hassle-free productions. We do this not only for the sake of time, but to ensure we can offer our clients affordable options. So pick DDA because we look at the big picture so you don’t have to.