A Strong Debut

Apple has unveiled the fourth generation of the iPhone. As expected, with this new release comes enhanced features. From increased battery life to gyroscope motion sensing to a front facing video camera along with even greater screen resolution, this next incarnation of the popular mobile phone is sure to spark sales and further cement Apple’s presence as a leading choice of mobile device users.

Along with this launch, is the debut of iAd, a mobile advertising network slotted to begin July 1st. Here, advertisers can place ads within mobile apps for the iPhone and iTouch. According to Jobs, the iAd promises to combine the “emotion of TV advertising with the interactivity of the Internet.” Already, $ 60 million bookings have taken place for this new platform of advertising and who can blame these early adopters?  With the appeal of Apple devices growing by the minute–a fact made even more alluring by the ever-evolving technologies–advertisers have yet another avenue to reach their target audiences  through a device the public is rarely found without.

Are you taking advantage of the mobile arena? If not, AppleSavvy, a division of Dynamic Digital Advertising can help. From  converting Flash-based websites into iPad/iPhone friendly platforms to developing custom applications, we possess the in-house capability to handle all mobile requests efficiently and within budget. Our staff is familiar with Apple-approved technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS to ensure the best possible user experience not only for the iPad and iPhone but for other mobile platforms, such as various Smartphones.

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