A Sure Thing

It’s official! I am fed up with winter and ready for spring. I came to this realization last night as a entered the garage to retrieve the Shop Vac and bumped into my shiny aqua bike. It’s been since November since I took her out for a ride and the cold weather has for the most part, kept me indoors and I think I have come down with a case of cabin fever. What’s more, the high energy expenses of winter are nothing to be proud about either and that brings me to today’s blog topic. I recently completed a batch of search engine optimization content for a replacement window manufacturer. DDA Corporate’s staff lunched this site over two years ago but we continue to add to it over time as part of our search engine optimization program called the SureThing. Though energy was definitely on the minds of homeowners when the development of the site originally started, it has since exploded and as such, the additional pages of content we add all contain key energy buzz words that many web users are typing into search engines like Google, when scouring for the best product and installation deals.

This search engine optimization step is not an uncommon one. As time progresses, so to does user search patterns and in order to remain relevant and competitive in the web-world, adding content with newly researched keywords is not just recommended–it’s needed. How should medical organizations and corporations go about enhancing their optimization? There are several options. For one, expanding your site’s menu and adding additional pages of content on specific topics is one way. Another would be to add optimization paragraphs throughout the site’s pages. A blog is also another approach to consider, and the list goes on. Contact DDA Medical, DDA Corp, DDA SEM, or DDA Interactive today to learn more about our capabilities in professional copywriting, search engine optimization, and digital advertising and marketing. From custom medical eLearning programs and simulations to brochures and illustrations, we are the medical and corporate world’s source to quality services.