A Well Desevered Title

As we were wrapping up yesterday, DDA’s lead creative and online copywriter, Laura, could be found immersed in her emails and projects while the rest of us were powering down our computers and grabbing our keys for the trek home. That’s dedication for you. When I entered her office to wish her a good night, and to warn her not to stay too long, she looked at me cheerily and said, “I’m going to be here for a while.”

As the copywriting team’s lead writer, her queue of tasks is understandably long. She also carries the heaviest load of project coordination duties, but in spite of what would seem like an overwhelming work load, Laura handles her projects with ease and efficiency. You never hear her complain, she just does. I guess that is why she was given the title of “lead.”

As she is leaving today for a much needed vacation, Laura stayed to tie up any loose ends. She divided all project coordination duties amongst the writers, notified all clients, and provided the DDA staff with a detailed summary of every project should we need to reference it during her absence.

Looking at the list, I realize she does an awful lot. This week alone I witnessed her complete a slew of scripts for DDA’s new Corporate and Medical Training division, a medical script for a client, as well as extensive keyword research, all while juggling an assortment of project coordination duties. Her work ethic and capability is truely inspiring.