All Grown Up

We call my Grandmother , “Merma,” a name she took on after my older brother overheard people addressing her by her middle name, “Merna.” Being young, he couldn’t quite master the “N” sound and the name stuck. I often forget that this is not a common term, so I encounter strange looks when people hear me refer to “my Merma” instead of “my Grandmom.” The other day, my brother’s daughter, Sadie, who is around a year and a half, shocked us all when she proudly shouted, “Bye, Mern!” as they readied her for the trek home. It is so cool to watch her mature and I look forward to the day she calls me by my name. 

Like it is easy to get taken aback by the sudden maturity of a younger  niece or nephew, it is equally exciting to witness the maturity of a project.  Whether I am writing a script for a product video or formulating copy for a search engine optimized website, I take great pleasure when viewing the final result. In a way, the projects are like our children and like all proud parents, the DDA staff enjoys watching their work achieve its full potential.