An Affordable Masterpiece

A friend of mine  was recently featured in a local art show and it was the first show in which she has shown her work since she graduated from college. While I have seen snip-bits of her photography over the years, it was the first time I have seen her complete collection in one place and it was quite impressive. In college I took a photo journalism course so I could appreciate her framing, attention to composition, post-production manipulations, and care with mounting. After I witnessed the amount of work that was put into each print, I thought her asking price fell far below its worth. In the end she sold several pieces and made several connections so she considered the event and hard work a success.

When you pour your heart into a project, it is hard to put a price on it. From the time spent fine-tuning the concept to the hours spent implementing the work, the final project is often a result of passion and hard work and how do you price such a thing? At our full-service advertising agency where we routinely deliver corporate and medical websites, spokesperson videos, technology-based training tools, and so much more, our staff is constantly producing an art-form each and everyday. But unlike a fine work of art where you can obsess over the piece and come back to it in a month’s time, this is not an option at DDA. To offer our clients competitive pricing for high-caliber services,  we value efficiency. Our process is linear so whether we are working on a search engine optimized website or medical simulation tool, the projects always start with a solid plan from which the rest of development follows suit. So contact DDA if you demand a work of art but a price your business can afford.