An Essential Daily Ritual

At eight in the morning when we are  settling into our chairs and powering up our computers, all DDA staff share the same universal task; preparing and sending out our Daily Task Lists.

It is easy to underestimate this simple step, but it is a crucial element to the successful workings here at DDA. As all of graphic designers, video technicians, creative and online copywriters, database and admin programmers, and SEO specialists juggle multiple projects, putting together a daily list of where projects stand not only serves to inform one another of our progress, but ensures nothing falls out of the radar.

Personally, I find updating my task list very rewarding. There is something about physically marking the progress of a creative or online copywriting project, graphic design, or corporate and medical video script that is cathartic. I guess it is seeing your accomplishments written and tangible. You can sit back and smile thinking, “Yes, it is done and here’s the proof.”