An Old Friend

For the past few weeks, my sole copywriting efforts have been locked into DDA Medical. From describing our abilities as an interactive eLearning provider to relaying our expertise as medical marketing and programming aficionados, my days have been full of DDA word-smithing. But today I got a break and delved into the realm of residential replacement windows. When I first started at our full-service advertising agency, this was my first assignment so I felt a bit of nostalgia while settling in to the creative search engine optimized content development process. We developed well over 500 pages of original content for this window manufacturer. And thanks to the efforts of our copywriting staff and search engine optimization team, this site ranks among the giants on major search engines like Google.

As mentioned in my blog from earlier this week, DDA Medical is planning to launch a new extension of our website entitled DDA Interactive. The above mentioned site would be an ideal fit for the interactive website portfolio as it does far more than present information. With interactive menus that trigger eye-catching flash responses, the site is one that immerses users into its designs, encouraging them to browse and learn.