The Monday Agenda

It was another busy weekend which looks to be followed by a busy work week.

Friday is my designated cleaning day. I also went on an enjoyable bike ride through Fairmount Park. Saturday was spent at Hershey Park riding countless coasters with good friends. Sunday, I saw the new Batman movie on the IMAX. Very cool!

But it is Monday and I must pull my mind away from the weekend’s fun activities and focus it back on work. Today, my goal is to finalize three pages of search engine optimized copy for a new website we are developing. Secondly, I hope to finalize a quote for video uploading functionality on a website, not unlike YouTube. I then will move on to project coordination duties and site menu development.

It looks to be a busy day but that is a good thing. The more work, the faster time passes and the closer I am to home and Shark Week–the most glorious week of television! At least for me anyway.