Answer, Evolve, Succeed

For the past two months, the custom programmers and graphic designers of DDA have been working on an e-commerce website that is now nearing completion. At first, the request was minimal. The client desired a 5-10 page website and a simple cart to offer their product to consumers, but as is often the case, as the project progressed so did the site’s complexity. The content has grown, the cart’s intricacies have increased, and flashy design elements have been integrated to form a website that is easy to use, attractive to view, expertly programmed, and more advanced than originally intended. This is a pattern I notice quite often here at our full-service advertising agency. Though it is easy for our clients to conceptualize a general outcome, it is difficult to lock-down all the intricacies of a search engine optimized website, e-commerce cart, or medical eLearning program. That said, we adjust to our clients ever-changing requests, carefully weighing the benefits with the costs to achieve an end product that satisfies our clients needs but stays within their budget.

At DDA, transparency in business is a top priority. A surprise busted budget is good for no one. Our goal is to foster long-term relationships with our clients and we do this by maintaining open and honest communications. If you want to integrate flash animation into your website, we’d love to provide the service and before we forge ahead with your request, you can count on an accurate budget estimate, time line for deliverables, and a quality guarantee.