At DDA, It’s All About Teamwork

I don’t know what I would do without my co-workers. Each one has a specialty and plays a pivotal role during the development of a project. Some are problem solvers, some are workhorses, some are design extraordinaires, but every one is good at what they do and important to the workings here at DDA.

Like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, when our powers combine good things happen. No, we may not be saving the world, but we are making great strides in the realm of website development, corporate and medical eLearning and training tools, video, intranets, and more. For you see, DDA does not follow suit, we lead the way by pushing the boundaries of conventional practices to discover what is  new, better, and more exciting from a user’s standpoint. From Onlivemation to Interactive Integration, DDA has developed many a new technology to make our services better than the rest. Our websites, CD ROMs, and technology-based training programs are more interactive and engaging than most. We don’t want to wow people with just  a stellar design; we want to grab the attentions’ of onlookers with interacting technology that engages  on all levels. Through embedded videos that react to user input to exciting flash elements, the possibilities are vast and still growing.

Check out our portfolios  to see for yourself and contact DDA today.