A close friend and I have maintained fierce competitions since the 4th grade. It all started when we were both contestants in the district-wide 24-challenge. I was convinced I would beat him but I never made it past the school finals. I did, however,  prove victorious during a school assembly where we showed our calculating expertise in front of the parents–though he claimed it was because he did not have on his glasses. Whether the victory was deserved or not, it still counts. Now 16 years later the competition continues  not with the game 24, but with the arcade game, Bejeweled. As he is a video game connoisseur, I’d given up any hope of competing with him in that arena until I downloaded Bejeweled on my iTouch. It’s a simple game, really. All that is needed is the ability to line up identical gems in threes or more for points. At social gatherings I would show off my high score and of  course he’d take the bate and ask to try and he could never get past the first few rounds, but now thanks to facebook, he has surpassed me in Bejeweled as well. There is an abridge version of the game available as an application. Users are given 60-seconds to gain as many points as possible. Sadly, I received a text message the other day that he beat my high score and despite several valiant efforts, I can not top him. It looks like there will be several hours of Bejeweled-playing until I can again be victorious. I know  this may sound a bit obsessive but I promise you, I’m not the only one.

Applications run like wild-fire in a dry pine forest. Send it to one friend and they in turn send it to five and the transmission continues. Now that it seems that the entire world has a facebook page, applications hold enormous potential. Everyday I see more and more organizations taking advantage of this popular platform. From top engagement ring makers providing a custom ring designer that you can then pass on to friends to companies creating popular fan pages, the possible exposure is huge. Our full-service advertising agency is no fool and is currently exploring the realm of viral marketing. With a few applications in the works, I will not be surprised to find a DDA original making its rounds around facebook. So wake up to the enormous potential that is social network marketing and trust in DDA to lead your initiative.