Growing Pains

My little brother is not so little any more. Last year when he answered the phone, most would mistake his voice for mine. Now there is no confusion as his voice has dropped several octaves over these past few months. There have been other changes as well. He is taller, slimmer, and now must  partake in the ritual of shaving. But with all this growing comes pain. His joints ache and the doctor’s prognosis is growing pains.

Though I’ve long since passed puberty, I too am experiencing growing pains but not in the physical since, but rather the mental. The staff of DDA is currently hard at work developing the structure for a new division of our full-service advertising agency, called DDA Interactive. The mental pain I am experiencing–and i think it’s safe to say, all writers are experiencing–is a result of multiple menu revisions. From deciding whether to structure copy around applications or services to eliminating redundancy, it has been a long process. So, four meetings later, we’ve all refined our menus and can now begin the process of optimized content development. Now it’s time to pass the growing pains on to the design and interactive flash teams as they tackle the hefty task of the site and functionality designs.

Have fun guys and remember, the Tylenol is in the medicine cabinet should you need it.