Think it through

Last night, Heath and I visited Lowes to check out accent tile for our upstairs hall bath. While weaving our way toward the exit, we came across a clearance rack that held seven Moroccan lamps. Their original price was $150 and they were selling them for $6 dollars a piece. Despite the fact that they are far too big for our little house with ceilings no higher than 8 feet, we bought two. It was just too good of a deal to pass by, but looking back, was it worth the $12 dollars? With money being tight and a list of expenses that seems never-ending, that $12 dollars could have been put to good use.

When we are presented with enticing deals, it’s hard to step back and accurately access the situation. Adrenaline takes over and excitement outweighs logic.  As an interactive technologies provider, we often have to be the voice of reason for clients who want to have it all. While it is important to utilize the latest technologies, it is also important to pick and choose the methodologies that suit the needs of your organization best. If you pack too much together, you just confuse the end user. Instead, hone in on a few interactive mediums that will wow the viewer-be it an interactive video, webcast, social network or eCommerce tool.