Quality or Deadline?

As I am strapped for a blog topic, I’ll take Amy’s. Finally, we can stop seeing the scrolling message at the base of every local news program detailing the switch of analog to digital. I say finally as the expected launch date has moved several times. Wasn’t this transition supposed to take place back in February? Or wait, was it January? Like many deadlines that pass and are reset only to be passed again, you never want to launch a new endeavor when all functionality is not set in place. Can you imagine a TV signal transition that failed? That’s thousands of angry TV enthusiasts without their American Idol…gasp.

At DDA Corp and DDA Medical, although we aim to uphold established deadlines, we will never release a medical eLearning program,  search engine optimized website, or product launch video if it fails to meet our high standard of quality. Otherwise our clients’ credibility will suffer. If a potential customer visits a website and an email form is not functioning, what does that say about your company? If words are misspelled in a training program, what does that say about your abilities? Sometimes, it’s best to let go of the excitement of getting a promotional tool out as quickly as possible because quality should never be compromised. Even the launch of our own medical website experienced a few deadline alterations, but I think all can agree that the polished end result was well worth the wait.