Balancing the Load

How much can one man or woman carry?  Some of us may be well versed in taking on heavy loads without buckling under the immense weight, but others may crumble. At DDA we are expected to continuously support a plethora of tasks, and if not managed correctly, you may find yourself struggling to support the load.  

As a full-service advertising agency that specializes in all things digital, our tasks are varied. Graphic design, website development, custom admin and database programming, corporate and medical video creation, and training programs are carried out seamlessly under one roof.  One person may be working on several projects at once, each with their own importance and designated deadlines. Consequently the pressure at times can be great and if you are not well versed in managing your time, the pressure can become overwhelming.

This ability to multitask is especially vital for me as a Project Coordinator. I am constantly striving to improve my efficiency and continually look to my coworkers for ways in which I can improve. When you are the liaison between a slew of clients and DDA staff, and you must also allocate time for your own projects, whether they are optimized content for a new website or creative copywriting for a brochure, the work load can be heavy. Each Project Coordinator has their own methods of managing tasks. Some desks are covered in an array of Post-It notes and some allocate designated times for a variety of tasks per day. Whatever the means, managing your time is crucial, or else you will quickly find yourself buckling under the weight.