Because We Care

At the moment, our network is down showing us once again how reliant we are on technology. As a full-service corporate and medical digital marketing and advertising agency, 99.9 percent of our work is computer based and a large portion of that requires connection to the Internet. I have faith that our savvy senior programmer will have things up and running quickly but in the mean time, I’ll remain productive by writing this blog (something I can do off-line). Wait a minute, we’re already back on! As you can see, our staff of capable professionals works swiftly to rectify all dilemmas, whether they be a temporary server issue or a site update, clients of DDA Corp, and DDA Medical can have faith that every request will be addressed in a timely manner. Take the above instance as an example. Even before I could finish my fourth sentence, the network problem was identified, troubleshooted, and corrected all in a matter of minutes. Every issue gets addressed with this very same fervor.  Why? Put simply, because we care. We care about our client’s satisfaction. We care about the user experience. We care about the program’s value. We care about the quality of work we produce. In my opinion, this characteristic is the aspect of the business that fuels its success. When a company is concerned about the quality of work they produce,  more often than not, an exceptional end result is guaranteed.

So if you are a medical healthcare professional in search of a marketing and advertising agency to boost patient acquisition rates,  foster awareness, create electronic medical records, or develop a sophisticated medical eLearning programming, look no further than DDA Medical. Why? Because we care. Click on the links below to learn about our extensive capabilities in healthcare IT, technology-based training, interactive website development and more!