Better Practices

Yesterday, I was assigned the task of developing a process for a specific client of ours. Their site, which recently launched back in April, is enormous. Any given day the database and admin programmers may receive ten or more requests for new and improved site functionality. On top of this, our creative and online copywriting team diligently pushes forward with content development to keep up with the site’s ever- increasing product line.  

With that said, keeping track of where we stand with projects can be a challenge. So when developing a new process, one must consider the following:

  • Open communication lines
  • Efficiency
  • Quality

If all of these elements are being considered and achieved, we know we’ve done our job. For every project, coordinators, graphic designers, programmers, and video specialists implement a proven and streamlined process that enables the unwavering quality we’re known for. When the need arises, we will adjust to maintain continued efficiency and satisfaction. So, the quest for better practices is always at the forefront of our  working agenda from start to finish.