Birthday Cake & Beer

It is Thursday, the end of our work week and this Thursday offers a bit more excitement than others past. We are celebrating three DDA birthdays today: Jess, our top SEO specialist, Rob a talented animation artist, and Carrie, our lead and prolific designer. So, not only does this day mark the end of the DDA week and beer time, but cake time as well. There’s nothing like a sugary and delicious piece of birthday goodness at 11am in the morning. Yes, it will probably all go to my thighs, but who can resist cake!

But I must squelch my current excitement for a four-day weekend and ignore the oncoming sugar-high and get back to work. Today I’ve set a goal for myself to finalize 3 corporate and medical video scripts, 2 script outlines, and questions for an upcoming social networking project that is in the works.  I’ve got quite the workload ahead of me. But I know the rush of accomplishment will be well worth the effort when I’ve sent out the final email for the day.

Hey, it’s even better than a sugar-high.