Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Today is a special day. Why, do you ask? Because I have brought my dog, Rudy, into work. A client of ours who manufactures party hats for dogs needed an additional model for a custom brochure. And Rudy, being the cute Corgi that he is, happens to look ravishing when flaunting pink and frilly birthday hats. Now, although I love my dog and enjoy his company, maintaining a steady work-pace with such an adorable distraction will be a challenge. Not to mention, I worry he may adopt an expensive computer accessory as a new chew toy.

I’m excited to see him in action. He does not have much experience wearing clothes or posing in front of a camera, but I’m sure our expert photographers will get a few good shots and I will be able to flaunt the fact that my humble Corgi is now a dog celebrity of sorts.

Who knows, maybe having my furry pal will help me generate creative copy for the search engine optimized pages of content and medical tutorial scripts I have placed on my agenda today. Well today will certainly be interesting, that’s for sure.