Bringing Work to Home

This Easter I served as hostess. In total, eighteen family members packed themselves into my house, eager for food, drinks, and good company. The event went quite well, though not without a lot of worrying and pre-game jitters.

So much had to be done. First and foremost, there was the task of reassembling my house after a remodeling project that wrapped up just one week prior to the big event. Then there was the planning of the menu and the food assignments.  I thought I had it all under control until my Aunt–who thought she was being helpful–nosed into my careful planning. After several confused phone calls, I soon came to the realization that she had taken it upon herself to divvy out the food assignments. Little did she know I had already spent the morning calling my copious amount of relatives to give them their Easter responsibility. To make a long story short, my well-planned dinner quickly spun into a disorganized fiasco. Luckily for me, my skills as a project coordinator kicked in and I quickly got everything back under control. After reprimanding my Aunt and recalling all confused parties, the communication was restored and so to was my sanity.

The point to this post–and yes–there is a point, transparency is key when organizing or planning any event or project. This vital fundamental was hammered through again this week as our team of graphic designers, medical copywriters, and production coordinators scrambled to wrap up a project. With a tight deadline quickly approaching and three individuals working in tandem to get the project ready for print, communication was key.