Brother Sister Clash

Boy does my little brother know how to push my buttons. I’ve tried to be the mature adult and ignore his repeated bashes, but at times it’s just too much. Last night it all came to a head when I innocently ate a cookie and he blew up and called me a name I will not mention. I gave him a stern look and stormed off thinking I could squelch my anger but quickly found out I could not as I stormed down the stairs to give him a lecture. After the fact, I regretted my outburst but I couldn’t help it–he makes me mad and often brings out the worst in me. I hold out hope that his grouchiness will pass and we will one day be able to communicate without irritation, Here’ hoping. I blame it on puberty. He is going through that teenage stage where you are blinded by your opinions and feelings. It is my belief that within a few more years these outbursts will be few and far between and he’ll be able to listen instead of react.

At DDA we are all about digesting feelings before implementing a reaction. We respect our clients and carefully evaluate their suggestions. After all, no one knows their business better than the client and we find their input invaluable. You have our promise that we will respect your needs and thoughts and work with you to achieve a final outcome that’s right for your business and market. Whether you choose DDA for the development of a corporate or medical training program, website development, creative copywriting, or any other of our many services, know you’ll be handled with care and hey, maybe we’ll share with you our cookies unlike some people I know.