Busy but Organized

Though it is always busy at our full-service advertising agency, this week is especially full. Both the video and programming departments are pushing to finalize projects with quickly approaching deadlines. Their efforts are centered on the projects at hand to ensure we deliver on the promise of our deadline. What this means for the Project Coordinators is extra prioritization of tasks. As professional advertising specialists that are fanatical about customer service, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver services quickly and accurately. At times, however, our staff is so inundated with work that the immediate address of website updates, graphic designs, and creative copywriting can not be facilitated. When this occurs communication with the client and organization is key.

All emails and requests are acknowledged and time lines delivered. Yes, our normal one to two day turnaround may be extended, but our clients know their requests will be handled in the professional manner our company is known for. Each client is just as important as the next. Whether it be a full-blown website with integrated flash elements and search engine optimized copy or a logo design, we take every project to heart and create results we are proud to put our name on. So despite fluctuations in work loads, our clients can rest assured that their project will never be put on the back-burner.