Capturing the Full Picture

I’ve just returned from a fabulous California vacation. Aside from a few flight delays, an angry cab driver, and a lost cell phone, the trip was trouble-free and immensely enjoyable. First on our itinerary was driving along the coastal highway, stopping at scenic points such as Big Sur, Saint Luis Obpisbo, and Santa Barbara. The views were absolutely gorgeous! I spent a large portion of my time taking frenzied photos to serve as scenic reminders of the beautiful sites. Though I have a fancy camera and lens, the photos can not compare to the real thing. How can you capture the enormity of a giant sequoia in an 8 X 10 photo? You just can’t. Though I have seen photographers that come pretty close. I guess that’s what you get when you turn to a professional–high quality.

To many, the challenge of capturing the scope of a business’ services and products can seem just as challenging as capturing the vast presence of a massive tree onto a tiny picture. A typical website usually consists of 30 or so pages and at times it may seem restricting  to illustrate the breadth of a business within a specified page count, but it can be done. Like a professional photographer, the online and creative copywriters here at DDA are well versed at utilizing and pulling the right elements to form a complete picture. Whether the assignment is a four-page brochure,  a10 minute corporate or medical video, or copy for a technology-based training program, we listen closely to our clients and generate market-focused material that yields a successful end result.

The same goes for all services offered by DDA. The graphic designers, admin and database programmers, video technicians, and more are professional and know what it takes to achieve what may seem impossible to many. We’ve got a talented team at DDA. I’m lucky to be a part of it.