Cement a Mobile Presence with DDA: The AppleSavvy™ Developers

According to a report released by comScore, an Internet tracking firm, 234 million Americans are subscribed to a mobile phone plan. When you compare that statistic against the number of actual residents living in the United States–309 million–the potential marketing opportunity is undeniable. This year, instead of funneling your efforts into traditional methods of marketing and communications, expand your reach exponentially with mobile website conversions and application development for smartphones, ipads, and iphones.

Yes, iphone, ipad, and smartphone users may be able to access your business’s website using their portable device, but are your site’s engaging features being diminished due to compatibility issues? If your site contains Flash, than the answer is yes. Take action with DDA, a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency capable of converting flash-based websites into formats that present well for Apple-developed mobile devices.

With more and more individuals browsing the web, making purchases, and communicating through their phones and portable devices, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Contact DDA, the AppleSavvy developers, to learn more about our capabilities in web conversion and application development for iphones, ipads, and mobile devices.