Change Is A Good Thing

When DDA was in its infancy, the staff consisted of a few dedicated individuals. Today, the business consists of 20 plus employees and a dog to boot. With this growth in staff and growth in clients comes a new and improved building, and most importantly, a reinvigorated approach to how the business operates.

The continued growth of DDA stands as a testament to the solid foundations laid well over a decade ago and the willingness of the team to adapt to continual change and expansion. Though my tenure at DDA has been brief, it is obvious to me that this dedication to improvement has been, and is, crucial to the success of DDA. As a full-service advertising agency that offers an abundance of services under one roof, including creative print and online copywriting, custom programming, video production, graphic design, and much more, a solid operating structure is paramount for the smooth and efficient completion of tasks.

Our system works, and it works well, but that does not mean efforts towards improving the efficiency and methodologies of our positions and tasks have stagnated. The DDA team of Project Coordinators, Programmers,   Graphic Designers, SEO specialists, and more has recently set out to explore new and improved ways of carrying out our jobs. Our objective—improving what already works to make way for a brighter future.