Close one project, start another

This week, a project I’ve been coordinating has come to a close. Yesterday it made its eCommerce debut and I look forward to hearing not only our client’s feedback but the reviews of its users. So far so good, and I attribute that to the thorough work of  our team of custom programmers and graphic designers. When first visiting the site, users are presented with an attractive design that is clean and well structures so that in a matter of seconds, they will find what it is they are looking for. As for the shopping experience, it has been custom programmed and tweaked to fit our client’s product line and the needs of the user. The overall site experience is streamlined for fast and secure shopping.

With the closing of this project, I welcome three new ones: an interactive medical website, a corporate capabilities video, and a highly immersive online environment complete with video spokespersons. The beginning stages of any project, be it search engine optimized website, medical training program, or custom video, are always the hardest as it is the period of time in which goals are set and structure set in place. Like the newly launched eCommerce website, I look forward to getting a start on these projects and moving forward with the development process and in the end, hopefully exceed our clients’ expectations.